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Why Sanatorg?

Eğitmen The lessons for Sanatorg were prepared by academic and professional instructors. The experience of professional musicians are presented with workshop taste high resolution videos. Almost of all basic lessons are prepared by academic instructors.

Numerous song etuds and playing technics are presented by professional musicians.

Content of Lessons

DerslerDue to workshop taste lessons, there is no order of lessons, you can start with which lesson you prefer. The lessons, for Acoustic Guitar, Elektrical Guitar and Bass Guitar, are in form Rock, Blues, Jazz and Country.

On the other hand, the course named "Beginning Guitar"" is preparing for beginner level students. These lessons will started with note training and continue to intermediate level. We think that you push your skill to understand and play the intermediate level by means of this beginning course.


SubscriptionFor adding new lessons, enhancing quality and adding new instructor, some lessons will be priced.

Advantages of Subscription:

  • Access the course 7/24,
  • Live Chat with instructors,
  • We are planning to face to face workshop in long term,
  • There is no limitation for accessing the lessons,
  • We are planning to limit the subscription in a year to get good connection and no problem for viewing lessons,
  • High resolution videos,
  • Notes and Tabs,
  • Guitar exercises
  • and more...

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